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trump and republicans are proof that lies repeated tend to be believed if only by the dim witted

I like Nancy Pelosi, and understand what she is doing. She wants to try to insure that the impeachment case will get a fair hearing. However, Moscow Mitch has already said that is not going to happen...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 145 views

A Moderate Point of View: Updated Damage Assessments from Iranian Attack show Lives were saved by Early Warning, Training and Lu

CURRENT EVENTS/PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Last week after the Iranians launched a Missile attack against American forces in Iraq the word that immediately came out was that the attack did limited da...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 84 views

1 good thing & 1 GRRRR! thing to say about Comcast cable. 1 GRRR! thing to say about the post office

The cable box in my bedroom that I haven't used in years except to look at to see what time it is, died sometime between Sunday and when I looked to see what time it was yesterday morning. After...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 52 views

Iran's Accidental Downing Of An Airliner - We Do Know What Happened - The One Person Who Should Be Charged, Donald Trump, Certai

John Chuckman EXPANSION OF COMMENTS POSTED TO AN ARTICLE IN CBC NEWS “Iran says some arrests made for downing of Ukrainian plane, but gives no details” A comment below speaks of a ...... Read More
Posted by chuckman with 46 views

Spechless....Dan & Shay

Finally something to blog about :):) In a couple of weeks my husband will officially become a Catholic. I cannot express how so ecstatic I am about this. This is the biggest sacrifice anybody has eve...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 44 views

I just want a comfortable house already....

With a loving person next to me every morning...... Read More
Posted by awwwnikki with 43 views

To Keep Them Honest

This post is for me and not really for anyone else. We live in an age where forecasters change the forecast every hour, it seems. I am posting this so I can see what the various agencies are predictin...... Read More
Posted by ZenofKen with 42 views

No room

I have heard that the flu was going to be a bad one this year and it must be true. I called a friend today, as I hadn't talked to her since before Christmas to find out she was in the hospital. S...... Read More
Posted by wendidawn with 40 views

The Straw That Tamed The Camel - Iran downed a Civilian Aircraft

I don't believe Iran accidentally shot down a civilian plane. I believe they did it on purpose. They shot down a plane that had Iranian citizens on purpose? Sounds like madness, doesn't it...... Read More
Posted by Thewritertwo with 39 views

Going back to work

My Drs. note said I will be contagious until I can go 24 hrs without a fever... without medication. I haven't been checking, but I feel fine. Just still coughing. So today we looked after Little...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 38 views

Audie Murphy - Now THAT is What I call an American!

How a young man led by example, time and time again...... Read More
Posted by Oakie2012 with 36 views

A response to Chuckman's disabling responses

Note: I would have posted this on Chuckman’s blog, but he doesn’t allow (responses are disabled…) responses… Chuckman discusses the Iran bringing down a Ukrainian airline (vi...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 36 views

the more things change

The more they stay the same. My hair is longer, and striped with blue. I’m 20lbs heavier. I’m pretty sure I am no longer able to procreate. And although I’ve changed jobs twice sinc...... Read More
Posted by TamTheViking with 34 views

My Time

Hello Everyone. I hope everyone is having a great January. I just wanted to give a small update to what has been going on with me. 1. The guy I had lunch with and I fizzled. I don't know. He want...... Read More
Posted by MarissaG with 33 views

sunday art tour--january 12, 2020

Here's some more digital manipulated photos. I think these are quite nice. Not all were necessarily taken with my digital camera, but the effects were added using lunapix and pix1r. To return to...... Read More
Posted by VickieCollins with 32 views

My other 3 Babies

Nala - This is a photo post containing 2 photos... Read More
Posted by ambzybaby with 32 views

Starting W2E with Picture

So, this is a beginings of my new painting. This is the pencil sketch that I have just started to fill with color/paint. My paintings will take on a life of thier own before its done. I have them plan...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 31 views

How goes YOUR New Year resolution-ing?

I decided to use this (stolen from a Blogster-ite) as my 2020 Resolution...knowing I'll fail a lot, but can pick up and earnestly go on again anytime ... Read More
Posted by FedUpToHere with 30 views


...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 30 views

When it comes to promoting an ideal

"Be the change you want" -more persons than you can remember Here's a little's not an ideal, it's an ardent suggestion: If you are ever in the greater metropolis...... Read More
Posted by MisterCox with 28 views

Sounds of Silence Read More
Posted by katskorner with 27 views

This Would Be Me

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 27 views

Will Be Having

Treatments with the Speech Therapist for a while. Now I'm being scheduled for an x-ray, to show how the swallowing goes. And with an ENT. Due to the fact, that the Vocal Cord, that was rudely mo...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 25 views

Time flies

My new avatar is the first one in 18 years to not be with my grandson the photo above was our first we would have fun until we wore ourselves out ~ lol then we would be back to monkeying around again...... Read More
Posted by nemo4sun with 25 views

Song lyric generator

I found a website that generates random song lyrics based on some words you put in. So I created a song about Oak. This is what it came out like... It began on a quick winter's afternoon:I was th...... Read More
Posted by pokeybanana with 22 views

about the democratic debates and running for the office of President...I apologise

Its not generally known but I dropped out of the race for the Presidential nomination, as well. Not many knew I was running since I never announced it but the article posted about Cory Booker and so...... Read More
Posted by BeautifulLips with 21 views

Toronto To Get Super Heavy Rain

And another famous death 0:40NOW PLAYING Sheila Copps To John Crosbie "I'm Nobody's Baby" Women In Canadian Politics • 12K views4 years ago 30 years ago Conservative MP John...... Read More
Posted by wesleyonrot with 21 views

Skies and flowers!

There is just something about the colors of Mother Nature that I can get lost for hours just looking around. No matter what time of the morning, afternoon, evening or night the sky always is picture...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 18 views


Not When you continue to act like a petulant ass & endanger the world, then impeachment is just the beginning of what you deserve...... Read More
Posted by udontsay with 17 views

Green Is the New Color of Meat

Green Is the New Color of Meat Since my last post about going vegetarian I want to tell everyone reading this, that yes, I have successfully completed my own 14-day challenge. I will go into the vario...... Read More
Posted by theamazingstevenc with 16 views

St. Ernan of Cluvain-Deoghra January 11

St. Ernan of Cluvain-Deoghra in Meath (or in County Longford), sixth or seventh century. He is commemorated on 11 January in the Martyrology of Tallagh. When St. Fechin visited St. Ernan at Cluvain-De...... Read More
Posted by ceilede with 15 views

Where Does The Food You Eat Really Come From?

Are those Boston Baked Beans or Boston Cream Pie really from Boston? . Just maybe those baked beans are from Newark or Hackensack, New Jersey. Is that Alaskan Snow Crab really from Alaska? How do you...... Read More
Posted by merchandiser with 12 views


1. TJ: pray for a new job. 2. WHITNEY: pray for neice will find healing and forgiveness to put the past behind. 3. Daniel D: KEEP FAMILY IN PRAY. 4. JOSE L: PRAY FOR FINANCIAIS HELP. 5. BERNIE: HEALIN...... Read More
Posted by prayteam247 with 10 views

La Arquitectura Comercial del Arquitecto Basilio Angulo Sánchez.

La noche fra y lluviosa de las Equipatas invernales en la planicie costera del Desierto de Sonora del pasado fin de ao 2019, tuvimos el gusto de conversar con el prestigiado arquitecto sinaloense B...... Read More
Posted by sanchezarchitecture with 6 views

2020社會熱點話題: 在長沙開福研美醫療美容預付10萬整形 其中竟含4.75萬元的中介費!!

謝女士始終表示不認識這名劉姓女子,為此, , 抽脂以及臉部提升等多個整形項目。 但謝女士轉賬的時間卻為2018年4月14日, 而為瞭達到更好的效果,...... Read More
Posted by kiestequil with 6 views

La Arquitectura Comercial del Arquitecto Basilio Angulo Sánchez.

La noche fra y lluviosa de las Equipatas invernales en la planicie costera del Desierto de Sonora del pasado fin de ao 2019, tuvimos el gusto de conversar con el prestigiado arquitecto sinaloense B...... Read More
Posted by arteCajemeart with 6 views


I’m tired of being nickel-and-dimed to death. This small financial weariness started many years ago and I suspect it has always existed, but I am finding, as I grow older and my earning capacit...... Read More
Posted by epiphanettes with 5 views

Friday Dance Cha Cha Cha

...... Read More
Posted by iamtheeggman with 5 views

Outstanding Guidance For Finding Bargains Online

Your Internet Purchasing Success Is Our Article's PurposeOften you must take time to do your research prior to you can actually do the best work achievable. If you are willing to start saving cas...... Read More
Posted by nicolasteixeira with 5 views

Skilled Tips to Take Your Gaming To The following Level

Need To score High? Learn These Video Game Ideas!In case you are an skilled gamer or novice, the following article has something for you! Find out about the latest winning strategies, cheat codes, dis...... Read More
Posted by benjamincavalcan with 4 views

Play Smarter Video Games When You Follow This Advice

Some Super Advice To Help You Get Into Video GamesSome people like riding horses across grassy fields. Others like to sail their boats in treacherous waters. You like to do both, except you prefer to...... Read More
Posted by andrewmontoya12 with 4 views

Information On Automobile Store shopping - The Strategies, The Guidelines And What Works

Acquiring The Best Offer From The Automobile Store shopping EffortsA lot of people don't know when to have confidence in a car dealership or when they are becoming duped. It's difficult to s...... Read More
Posted by ceciliasouza5 with 4 views

Website Hosting And Exactly How It May Help You

How You Can Number Your Personal Internet site QuicklyWhen you have a site, you need to have an online number. You possibly will not know a lot of about web hosting, however, you would thrive to learn...... Read More
Posted by sarahpereira621 with 4 views

The Net Hosting Information You Possess Constantly Needed To Get

Internet Hosting Guidance You Don't Wish To SkipFinding the right hosting company is essential to making sure your site is generally available. You must do study, do a price comparison and ideas...... Read More
Posted by isabellarosa7 with 4 views

12 Informações De como Aumentar O Apetite Naturalmente

Cinco Suplementos Para Perder peso E Perder BarrigaUma das áreas do corpo mais difíceis de perder a famosa gordurinha é o abdômen. Veja bem, "penoso", e não impossível. Uma refeiçã...... Read More
Posted by wilburn91p11 with 4 views

Breathtaking freediving

Is freediving dangerous? Can everyone do that? Freediving for everyone or destiny of the elite? Too many answers to these questions in this article. Freediving is a beautiful activity, full of pleasan...... Read More
Posted by MikeHammelton with 4 views

Unsure How To Buy A Car? Look At This!

The Simplest Way To Purchase A New AutomobileHave you been having difficulty buying a new car? Don't stress, you aren't the only person having problems. Lots of people around the world brows...... Read More
Posted by marissaz9305650 with 4 views

Como Organizar O Guarda-roupas E Economizar Seu Tempo

20 Dicas Pra você Emagrecer Sem Correr O Traço De AnemiaEmagrecer de Vez é Possível Como Perder Gordura Abdominal De forma Definitiva ! Como Emagrecer com Saúde? Cardápio Completo Para Obter Mú...... Read More
Posted by qrmteena03920021 with 3 views

Agência De Marketing Digital Em SP Formação Interativa

A Relevância Do Marketing Digital Com intenção de A Tua OrganizaçãoDessa forma, confira a listagem de concursos públicos abertos, e também informações do coach de carreira e professor da Cent...... Read More
Posted by daniellalasley with 3 views

Helpful Advice For Purchasing A Car

Discover All You Can About Purchasing A Auto!Autos may be found in several varieties. You can find new cars, utilized vehicles, pickup trucks, vans, and Sports utility vehicles. Buying one of most of...... Read More
Posted by carlosvaz97377 with 3 views


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