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Evening 1/8/20 Scriptural Quote

Woe unto thenm that seek deep to hide their counsel from Yahvah. Isa 29:15...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by BrotherDocs

Stop Following False Teachers

Currently on this site there is one particular individual who is misleading you. He likes to use fictitious made up names of the Messiah Yeshua and the Father to impress you and make you think he is...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by DeanRussell

Should outdoor christmas decorations still be out and beingn used?

While most in the neighborhood have taken down their outdoor Christmas decorations, a number of homes have not, or have taken some down but not all. Some porches are still adorned in Christmas and I m...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by sfeastbay

Absence of Sex

Absence of Sex: Genesis 19:31: Then the firstborn said to the younger, "Our father is old, and there is not a man on earth to come in to us after the manner of the earth. Numbers 5:19: 'The...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by ellie1142545

Our Goal For The Day

DO YOUR BEST TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE - This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by ricciw55


Butts-R-Us If they can’t put their heads back on their shoulders, any thoughts they have will only go in one direction...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by udontsay

Digital Painting

I did this on the computer while waiting for a med delivery I had to sign for... Bored.... This had been an Infrared Photo... Have a good day! We are cold this morning...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by LouieLouie

Still sick

And I'm finally taking it seriously, Calling in sick for a few days. Surprisingly... grand daughter didn't get sick at all! I'm really glad of that, but it has affected how much energy...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Can You Really Blame Trump For Soleimani's Death?

I was listening to Mike Pompeo's press conference and it gave me a little more clarity of how the process unfolded with the decision to kill Soleimani. Pompeo is a well-spoken articulate man. He...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by Thewritertwo

Lin Mindy Me and the World. !!!!!!!

I hope this finds everyone feeling well and happy, I also hope to hear that no one has been killed or injured in the Iran attach, what a world we live in today, floods, draught, fires, missiles and pe...... Read More
Posted 8 days ago by Shaunepawn

A smile a day keeps the doctor away.

Two blond lads were working for the city public works department. One would dig a hole and the other would follow behind him and fill the hole in. They worked up one side of the street, then down the...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by ActionTime

We Now Have The Opposite Of Ending Wars In The Middle East Under Trump - Was General Soleimani's Assassination An Israel Special Project?

John Chuckman EXPANSION OF A COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY CRAIG MURRAY IN CONSORTIUM NEWS “The USA’s Slavish Saudi Allegiance Against Iran “The assassination of a top Iranian gene...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by chuckman

Friendly Loner

We often hear about the angry loner but I've always seen myself as a friendly loner. Just like the angry loner I have no friends, women hate me and cross the road to avoid me, strangers look at...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by pokeybanana

The Feast of St. John the Baptist - January 7

John the Baptist was a Jewish itinerant preacher in the early first century AD. John is revered as a major religious figure in Christianity, Islam, the Bahá'í Faith, and Mandaeism. He is called a...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by ceilede

Here We Go

And now for some good news. Iran just attacked the US in Iraq sending 9 cruise missles into different bases. Are those peope nuts? The US could obliterate them. Well, Iran has been sucking for this fo...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by ZenofKen

Very Scarry Thought ...#126 --or so--

Prepare for Iran to activate terror cells across America and attack the power grid As we roll into the new year with events already exploding in Iraq and Iran — rockets were just fired into the...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by FedUpToHere

The Dark Side of Going Vegetrian. Or is it Green?

As I had stated before I have switched my diet to vegetarian and trying to be as vegan as I can. I am doing a two-week challenge and will switch over to a “normal” diet after. I’m n...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by theamazingstevenc

A Moderate Point of View: When Rand Paul becomes the Voice of Reason you know the Republican Party has lost its way!! Geez!!

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: I have seen and heard enough over the last several days to make me wonder what the hell is gotten into us as a people. People have looked at this killing of Iranian Genera...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by AMODPOVW

Wow I forgot I wrote this six years ago

As we follow the path through life, We will come to forks in the road, There will be times when we feel strife, When we feel the weight of a heavy load, Our min ds are like a tree all twisted and torn...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by tesstruhartz1


...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by beingnobody

Someone to bring out your most gentle nature

(ellipsis to represent slow dreamy thoughts) He heals me... This was us in rural Hawaii... He's too beautiful for his own good... He's so great natured and loving... The way he carries hims...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by awwwnikki

winter day

winter wind flutters through the bare bone trees senses muted as the surrounding color sinking sun pulls the tatters wisps of cloud sucking the last daylight into the void whisper to me then the mean...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by nemo4sun

My Prayers

I used to pray the rosary faithfully. Before I prayed each time, I would list my petitions. It took a while, but a lot of my petitions were granted. I have been praying the rosary again and praying no...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by MarissaG

2020...Updates/A New Year

I hope you had a good start to the new year. I ended 2019 with a weight loss of 81.7 pounds! ~~~~ I celebrated my birthday at home. I made vegan salads for myself, daughter, & hubby. Hubby got me...... Read More
Posted 9 days ago by gingerdoxie

Thanks to trump, radical islamists have a new recruitment tool

Well, to use an expression I learned growing up in Tennessee, trump has likely screwed the pooch on this one. But then many of us saw it coming a long time. He came on the scene attacking our former...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by scenefromtheleft

"Classy Sexy Elegance - SNL"

Classy Sexy Elegnace...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by MisterCox

The painting saga continues....

Before..........................................................after Before..................................................after I started the HolidayBerry dark red/purply/maroon/burgundy last nig...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by Jollyonehere

Bitter Sweet

Christmas break is over, and my husband is back to work and son back to school. Though I hate the holidays I tend to miss them a lot when its all over. They are my world most of my laughs and smiles...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by ambzybaby

Tonight Prays 1-5-2020 time 9:38 pm

1. TJ: New job and protection. 2. Marie: pray for my neice that will be healing. 3.Daniel D: for healing...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by prayteam247

a new painting for my kitchen

My new years is starting out with my focus on my painting. The other stuff in my life, the Lord will help me sort out in time and worry just steals your peace and joy. What is nice is, my painting imp...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by Zoey-Mae

The Truth Factory

...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by MsPurrrrfect

What a way to start a new year!

Sometime near the end of 2019 I was in Winn-Dixie, a supermarket, when I saw they had a sale on steaks from Rancher's Home and though I don't recall of hearing that name before, the price w...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by greatmartin

Sermon Sunday

Oustanding sermon by John Piper. This is real Christianity. Wide is the gate that even many, perhaps most, Christians enter in. You do not choose God by praying a prayer asking God into your heart (th...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by SaintsAndSinners

Osl 24.17

OSL Season 24, Match 17 Scarlett Monsters rise to the top for the first time ever as they win and Mavericks draw. Team Pokey's young keeper Ray Hearth puts in a world class performance with save...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by Oakie2012

art sunday tour--original digital art

This week I am returning to a tradition of the own digital art work. I take digital pictures and put them through a graphic editor with various filters, art options and frames and come up wi...... Read More
Posted 10 days ago by VickieCollins


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